About Lionel Garage

The Lionel Garage is the world’s best resource for the community of Lionel Racing Diecast & NASCAR enthusiasts. We provide an integrated experience to meet the needs of collectors by promoting the hobby, helping enthusiasts learn about and manage their collections, and connecting buyers to the cars they love. This website delivers information and technology that help make collecting more fun, efficient and affordable for everyone.

The Lionel Garage is a community that celebrates the fun of Lionel Racing Diecast collecting. We actively seek to strengthen the hobby, connecting enthusiasts with the characters and stories that enrich their lives.

About Lionel Racing

Lionel Racing is the market leader in the design, promotion and distribution of licensed die-cast race cars. A division of Lionel Trains, Lionel Racing makes and sells replica die-cast NASCAR®, NHRA and other race cars through a variety of channels, including Corporate, National Accounts, trackside, online, a network of specialty dealers and the Racing Collectables Club of America (RCCA). Located near Charlotte Motor Speedway, Lionel Racing has the pulse of the motorsports community and is committed to giving fans the very best in die-cast collectibles. For more information, visit www.LionelRacing.com.

About the Lionel Garage Platform

The Lionel Garage platform is an integrated software platform for collectors. Its core features include:

  1. Catalog: The Catalog is the best structured, comprehensive resource for collectors. It consolidates the ambiguity of item naming and identification, helps collectors learn, share and grow their interest in the hobby, and serves as a living foundation for making collection management and selling easier.
  2. My Garage: Because it is based on the Catalog, the platform’s collection management is a simple matter of finding their items and clicking “Add to Collection” or “Add to Wanted”. When a collector buys an item, it is automatically added to his or her collection.
  3. Marketplace: Buyers appreciate specificity in product listings, and on the Lionel Garage, items are found not only through blind searches, but instead also through a familiar structure tailored for Lionel Racing Diecast. Wanted Items are flagged and provide alerts when new items are listed for sale or reduced in price. An innovative Trading feature is also available for users, enabling them to find partners for trading.
  4. Access Anywhere and Anytime: As a web-based solution, the platform is accessible from any browser, and with its mobile responsive design, using it on your phone is easy.
  5. Community Features: The platform strives to bring collectors together. Share your entire collection with your friends and others in the community and meet like-minded enthusiasts.