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Collector's Corner with Adam Oelrichs

June 27th 2018

If there’s one striking similarity between die-cast collectors and their cars, it’s that collectors are a diverse bunch. Some focus on either a single driver or team, while others amass a pride of replicas resembling a die-cast hall of fame.  As illustrated in prior “Collector’s Corner” posts, some collectors are passionate about a single legendary racer, while others host stop motion races with different scales of replica cars.

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A Gordon-Themed Collector's Corner

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April 12th 2018

Like most sports, NASCAR has its way to connect families and friends together given its unique dynamics. Given the grind of a 38-week long season for the sport’s premier series, fans and participants of NASCAR become relatives by association.

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Collector's Corner: The "Taj MaHarvick"

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March 22nd 2018

In the world of NASCAR, familial relationships can truly dictate how fans choose their favorite drivers. Whether it’s a selection made to coincide with a familiar on-track rivalry or a personality-based choice, fans can form a remarkable bond with drivers that extend into the realm of die-cast cars.

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Collector's Corner with Glenn Zabransky

March 13th 2018

Die-cast collectors, much like any sports fans who collect sports trading cards, have a unique story to share that coincides with a special moment.  From a special occasion on the field, or in this case, a race track, to sentimental memories with family or friends, a collector’s item can spawn a wonderful, healthy hobby that lasts through the years.

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NASCAR at First Die-Cast

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Feb. 22nd 2018

The old saying that “things happen for a reason” could not be truer with how I got into NASCAR.  All things considered, if it had not been for some die-cast cars that I collected during my childhood, it’s possible that I’d not know anything about the sport.

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