Lionel Announces Cup Series Tooling Changes for 2018

Oct. 5th 2017

 In the last several years, Lionel Racing has seen significant changes in the sport and in the collectibles space. One of the biggest changes is that several best-selling drivers have already retired or are retiring from competition.

 We have also received a lot of feedback from collectors about our product, which we have carefully considered as we have planned our 2018 rollout.

Two of the most frequent concerns we continue to hear from collectors in the hobby space is that 1) the price of die-cast is too high and 2) the 750-piece minimum order quantity for NASCAR Cup Series die-cast keeps cars they want to purchase from being produced.

 We have addressed both of these concerns for 2018.

Lionel Racing has reconfigured all of its 1:24 scale NASCAR Cup Series die-cast to respond to what collectors are telling us and to continue to drive the business forward.

Beginning now, all 2018 1:24-scale NASCAR Cup Series die-cast will be available to customers in two “trim” levels:

1.   The Action Racing Collectables (ARC) Collector Model -  this model will feature an opening hood, a closed trunk, a die-cast body and a plastic chassis. This model will feature the same engine detail as our current ARC HOTO model, poseable wheels, opening roof flaps and painted chassis details. The MSRP for this model is $54.99.

2.   The RCCA ELITE Model – this model features  an opening hood and trunk, opening roof flaps, a fully die-cast body and chassis, poseable wheels, upgraded engine detail, and a detailed chassis. The MSRP for this model is $84.99.

Also, we are making standard finish RCCA ELITE die-cast available to all customers. Special finish ELITEs, Autographed ELITEs, and other special products will still be exclusive to RCCA.

 Because of the way we are reconfiguring the tooling, we will also now be able to lower the minimum quantity needed to produce 1:24 NASCAR Cup die-cast from 750 pieces down to 500 pieces. This means that in 2018, more of the paint schemes that collectors want will be made, giving us all the ability to meet the demands of more NASCAR fans.

The tooling and minimums (500 pieces) for 1:24 XFINITY cars and 1:24 Trucks have not changed, neither has tooling for 1:64 ARC cars.

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  • 3 years, 5 months ago

    Not happy to see the trunks no longer open and more toy like quality of the cars. I rather spend an extra 10 bucks for opening trunks and other things you changed. I will no longer be adding to my collection with the more toy like feel of the ARC cars. To make matters worse youo raised the price to get The features we were able to get when the cost was $69. Sounds like you listened to only the people who wanted a cheaper price at the cost of features and quality and ignored the majority of us who liked things the way they were. Had we known you were going to cheapen the features you would have heard from more of our side.

    See Germanshepherd's collection

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