Richard Petty: The Definition of ICON

March 2nd 2017

Seven championships. Two hundred wins. More than one thousand races.

Richard Petty isn’t just “The King” of NASCAR®.

He’s an American ICON.

On July 2, 2017 Petty celebrates his 80th birthday.

And Lionel Racing is commemorating this incredible milestone with a once-in-a-lifetime collectible.

Introducing the Richard Petty 80th ICON Collection die-cast.

Produced on the 1:24-scale ELITE tool, this special die-cast is crafted of more than 260 parts and pieces and is fully chrome-plated.

Plus, as a tribute to Petty’s incredible legacy, we’re producing the car body in “Petty Blue” chrome – the color “The King” made famous. This is the first time we’ve offered an ICON Collection die-cast in a signature color.

What’s more, “The King” is inviting 43 of the collectors who purchase this die-cast to a private birthday celebration at Richard Petty Motorsports. 

Each Richard Petty 80th ICON box will be sealed in plastic, and 43 of these die-cast will include a special, randomly inserted invitation in the box. Collectors who find this sealed invitation will be able to join us for a special event with “The King.”

Built on the premium ELITE tool, each ICON car is crafted of more than 260 individual parts and pieces. More than 500 people have a part in the creation of each ICON car, and it takes nearly 1,000 steps to put these cars in the hands of collectors.

The Richard Petty 80th ICON Collection die-cast is inspired by the championship trophies that Lionel Racing creates for Goodyear at the end of each race season. Each one is fully plated in chrome – the body, the chassis, the engine, the interior and the wheels. Then each is polished to perfection creating a trophy piece that any collector would be proud to own and display.

Other incredibly realistic touches collectors will notice include tethered roof flaps, roof antennae, tethered trunk with hinges, drop-down window net, and a working suspension with a serialized plate.

Premium packaging is also a key part of the ICON die-cast experience.  Each Richard Petty 80th ICON Collection car comes packaged in a sealed, collector-grade sky box and is emblazoned with the official logo in silver foil.




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